It is easy, in the anon nym of technology to loose a simple social contract among ourselves.

Take this pledge, copy it, use it, share it, give it away, and broad cast it like poppy seeds.

Inter Alia, Shall I Conduct Myself in Cyberspace By This Pledge:

1. Forgive those who make me weep, because their own wounds have wept dry;

2. Respect, because to see and understand is only a more beautiful flaw;

3. Heal all things with my words and actions;

4. Be the joy the world waits for in others;

5. Care for every being as family, on this wreck of ship among the stars;

6. Take all things in gratefulness, and in grace give it all back;

7. Grow all the world's children as a garden, and see and hold the child in everyone;

8. Love, Trust, Grow;

9. Give away wealth and desire I hold onto in such fear, because I have not yet loved
enough to die joyfully;

10. Share and share and share until all the things are free between us and there is nor
bought, nor sold, nor kept;

11. Know, we are each other's treasure to discover and give away;

12. Nurture the self gently because it is a small child, hurt easily, wanting everything,
but which in it's full flowering could blossom after years and desert rains, and know itself
not apart from all things, but inheres as sigh, as soul.

13. .

16 Feb 2015
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